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With PxBridge™, payroll personnel can cut their data-entry time in half and their double entry rate to zero. Who wants to enter their payroll data into an Accounting System twice? Simply install the PxBridge™ data-bridge on your system and you'll eliminate the need to reenter data in Preview® by Paychex®, or have the General Ledger entries imported to your accounting software's General Ledger.

No Technical Dramas, No Upgrades Required, No Difficult Training
No matter what your level of computer expertise, you can install PxBridge™  by yourself and be completely trained in its use the same day. You don't need to be a programmer or advanced computer user to administer the program, and once PxBridge is installed, you don't need system upgrades or expensive technical support or days set aside for the training of your staff.
Rather, we deliver to you an easy-to-use, custom-configured program that we've ensured works specifically for your company's payroll system. When you run PxBridge™ , it automatically creates a Preview® by Paychex®® external paydata file that sends time entries directly into your Preview® by Paychex® payroll system. Simple!

PxBridge™  Is Lightning Fast
If you've sat and manually entered payroll time entries for hours in order to get information from one side of your payroll program to the other, you're going to love PxBridge™ . Once you've installed our software, simply enter your payroll and then use "PxBridge" to process more than 100 employees - within seconds, you're finished!

PxBridge™  Is Customized To Your System
With our PxBridge™  system, your payroll entries can include all Hours, Earnings, Deductions, Regular, Overtime, Bonus, Holiday, Retro, Vacation, and any other company specific pay fields. Specific prompt fields allow for including entries for specific Period End Dates and you can select precisely which time entries to send to Preview® by Paychex® at any time using either the New or Current Payroll file. Put simply, whatever you want PxBridge™  to do, we make sure the software does just that. It's all part of the service.

PxBridge™  Saves You Money
How many hours do your payroll personnel spend finding and correcting errors and double entries every week? The PxBridge™  transfer ensures 100% accuracy from your Accounting Payroll module because it eliminates the need to re-key payroll entries twice, thus freeing countless personnel hours and putting an end to one of the biggest headaches in payroll processing.

How To Order
For more information on PxBridge™ , or to order the software for your business, please call 360-891-6174. 

We accept Visa, MasterCard and Corporate Checks and can answer any question you might have quickly and concisely. Please refer to our Refund/Return Policy before purchasing.

Paychex and Preview are registered trademarks of Paychex, Inc. 
PxBridge is a trademark of Coastal Software & Consulting, Inc.
Coastal Software & Consulting, Inc. and PxBridge are not affiliated with Paychex, Inc. 

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