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A single-entry solution — because your time is valuable

With PxBridge™, transferring time entries and job cost information from any version of QuickBooks for Windows and QuickBooks Online into Preview® by Paychex® is an absolute breeze. While that in itself would be grounds for acclaim, if you directly enter your payroll information into Preview® by Paychex®, you can also transfer your General Ledger summary entries into QuickBooks using our PxBridge product. 

Which version of PxBridge for QuickBooks is right for your business?

Note:  All fees are a one-time costs (there are no ongoing fees) and we work closely with you to make sure your installation is a smooth one.

PxBridge for QuickBooks - Time Tracking Detail

If you need employee time information transferred to Preview® by Paychex® from QuickBooks Time Tracking Weekly Worksheet or Single Activity system, PxBridge is for you.

  1. Simply enter your time entries into QuickBooks' Time Tracking system.
  2. Activate PxBridge and let it do all the work for you.
  3. Marvel at how PxBridge transferred the time entries into Preview® by Paychex® for processing in mere minutes, saving you hours of work and putting an end to double entries forever.

PxBridge for QuickBooks - GL Summary
Specifically designed for the company that enters their payroll data into Preview® by Paychex® and requires that the General Ledger be updated with Preview® by Paychex® employer summary entries.

  1. Simply enter your time entries into Preview® by Paychex®.
  2. Transmit your payroll to Preview® by Paychex®.
  3. Preview® by Paychex® will prepare your General Ledger employer summary entries.
  4. Use PxBridge to transfer the summary data for your QuickBooks General Ledger.

PxBridge - GL Summary also has the capability to import your data into QuickBooks General Ledger by Department/Class. This translates into big time savings for you.

Price may change based on number of Company ID's.  Contact us directly for a firm quote.

*Requires Readychex®

How to Order

To order any of the PxBridge products, please call 360-891-6174 to speak to a representative. 

While we do accept Visa, MasterCard and Corporate Checks, please refer to our Refund/Return Policy before purchasing.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Paychex and Preview are registered trademarks of Paychex, Inc. 
PxBridge is a trademark of Coastal Software & Consulting, Inc.
Coastal Software & Consulting, Inc. and PxBridge are not affiliated with Paychex, Inc.

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