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How to Order

To order any of the PxBridge products, please call:
360-891-6174 to speak to a representative. 


A single-entry solution — because your time is valuable

With PxBridge™ for Timberline, transferring your payroll information from Timberline Payroll into Preview® by Paychex® is a snap. Whether you have 30 employees or 3,000, and whether you prepare your payroll weekly or semi-monthly, with PxBridge™ the entire process takes just minutes – not hours. That means big time savings to you, as well as far fewer errors and double entries soon become obsolete!

PxBridge for Timberline – Payroll
Perhaps you’re only seeking to eliminate double-entries and ensure accuracy in your payroll data; in that case, PxBridge - Payroll may be the solution you’re looking for. PxBridge transfers time entries from Timberline into Preview® by Paychex® software in mere minutes.

PxBridge for Timberline – HR
Frequently make changes such as new hires, terminations, 401(k), benefits, withholdings, deductions, addresses, etc. in Timberline? Use
PxBridge – HR to synchronize employee data to Preview by Paychex.

Timberline integration with eTime or Kronos Time Keeper Central:

PxBridge™ for Timberline® 
PxBridge allows you to transfer time entries quickly and easily, including hours, rates, amount, department and job number, from eTime to Timberline Gold.  

Using PxBridge, you can transfer...

·    Unlimited Pay ID codes - All standard payroll types as well as departments, temporary rates and union related rates.

·    Detailed employee information - Including new hires, terminations, pay rates, 401(k), address details etc.

·    Have specialized needs - Customization, as well as certified and union payroll reporting, are also available.

How to Order

We work closely with you to make sure your installation is a smooth one.

To order any of the PxBridge products, please call 360-891-6174 to speak to a representative. 

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PxBridge is a trademark of Coastal Software & Consulting, Inc.
Coastal Software & Consulting, Inc. and PxBridge are not affiliated with Paychex, Inc.

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