PxBridge for QuickBooks®

A single-entry solution — because your time is valuable

The fast, efficient way to synchronize payroll data between QuickBooks® and Paychex®

With PxBridge™, transferring time entries and job cost information from any version of QuickBooks for Windows and QuickBooks Online into Preview® by Paychex® is an absolute breeze. While that would be grounds for acclaim, if you directly enter your payroll information into Preview® by Paychex®, you can also transfer your General Ledger summary entries into QuickBooks using our PxBridge product.

PxBridge for QuickBooks - Time Tracking Detail

If you need employee time information transferred to Preview® by Paychex® from QuickBooks Time Tracking Weekly Worksheet or Single Activity system, PxBridge is for you.

  • Simply enter your time entries into QuickBooks' Time Tracking system.
  • Activate PxBridge and let it do all the work for you.
  • Marvel at how PxBridge transferred the time entries into Preview® by Paychex® for processing in mere minutes, saving you hours of work and putting an end to double entries forever.
PxBridge for QuickBooks - GL Summary

Specifically designed for the company that enters their payroll data into Preview® by Paychex® and requires that the General Ledger be updated with Preview® by Paychex® employer summary entries.

  • Simply enter your time entries into Preview® by Paychex®.
  • Transmit your payroll to Preview® by Paychex®.
  • Preview® by Paychex® will prepare your General Ledger employer summary entries.

Use PxBridge to transfer the summary data for your QuickBooks General Ledger.

PxBridge - GL Summary also has the capability to import your data into QuickBooks General Ledger by Department/Class. This translates into big time savings for you.

Bridge your QuickBooks with Paychex® today!

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