Full service support means total customer satisfaction.

When you buy a software product from Coastal Software, the makers of PxBridge, you’re not just buying a box containing a disk and a big fat manual. We’re firm believers in not only giving you the software but also making sure it works on your system, as well as ensuring that it’s optimized to work smoothly and that you know exactly how to use it. Most importantly, we believe that once it’s installed, you should hardly know it’s even there.

With PxBridge we’ve designed the process so that it is simple to learn and simple to operate. So simple in fact that we can guide you through the installation and teach you how to use the program with just a few minutes on the phone.

We’re fully aware that different payroll systems and computer networks have different ‘quirks’, so we go further still by ensuring that your software is properly installed, properly running and, if need be, tweaked to suit your needs. It’s part of the service; if the program isn’t doing what we designed it to do, we don’t want to put you through heck - want to know about it!

We can make this promise because we know just how good the software is, from the ground up. Most PxBridge customers are up and running in minutes, but our guarantee to you is that when you buy the software, it will do what you ask of it without you having to break your brain, or pay for help.

We teach you how to use it, we ensure it’s installed, we make sure it’s perfectly in tune with your system, and for the next month after that we’re right there on the other end of the line, happy to answer any questions and help with any issues that might arise – from the simple to the complex.

If we need to tweak the code of your software to make sure it better suits your needs, we can do that. If we need to talk a beginner through the process, we can do that. If we need to bend over backwards to make sure you’re 100% fully satisfied with our customer support and software product, our pledge to you is that we’ll do just that – and our customer testimonials show that we’re not just giving lip service, we follow through on our promises.

To talk to a Coastal Software representative, just call us on 360-891-6174 or email our customer service staff.

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